Orangutan Conservation

2017 Hutan’s Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project Successes:

  • 12,370 school children participated in environmental education programs
  • Planted more than 16,000 seedlings from 20 native species helping with forest restoration efforts

We love our Houston Zoo orangutan family and are committed to doing everything we can to save them in the wild.

The Houston Zoo supports orangutan protection efforts in Borneo:

Hutan’s Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project (KOCP). This project is run entirely by trained staff from the nearby village of Sukau. Priorities and goals include:

  • Enhanced knowledge of orangutan ecology and conservation status
  • Assessment and monitoring of orangutan population health and genetic status
  • Orangutan ecological adaptation to degraded and fragmented habitat
  • Development of policies for population management within and outside protected areas
  • Reduced level of conflicts between human activity and orangutans including improved land use and reforestation
  • Community engagement and education in the conservation of orangutans and habitat
  • Environmental education programs for Malaysian school children

How the Zoo is helping orangutans in the wild:

  • We assist with research and protection efforts to save orangutans in the wild.
  • We provide funding for much needed equipment for monitoring wild orangutans and staff wages.
  • We hold orangutan focused events to educate guests and invite them to purchase items created by our orangutans to save the orangutans in the wild.
  • All candy at Zoo Boo, our Halloween event here at the Zoo is palm oil free!
  • We are hosted a palm oil workshop/planning session with orangutan researchers, Zoos and local companies dedicated to palm oil free products

Donate now to help orangutans in the wild:


What can you do to help orangutans in the wild

  • Donate to help orangutans in the wild
  • Be a hero; Become an orangutan-friendly shopper:
  • Read the label: so you know what’s inside
  • Whenever possible, choose local and unprocessed food-this is better for your health and for the planet!
  • Be an informed consumer: consult websites and blogs to find lists of palm oil free product ad support companies promoting the use and growth of sustainable palm oil products.
  • Friend the Houston Zoo Facebook Page for updates