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male African lion walking outside in habitat
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African Lion

Lions are the only truly social cat species, living in groups called prides. Males have manes, but females rule the family. They live in the African savannah, woodlands, and desert.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Panthera leo


Sub-Saharan Africa

Location in the Zoo

Near tigers

Cool Animal Fact

A lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away!

How We Help Save Them

  • We provide training, salaries, equipment and support for people in Africa saving lions.
  • In Kenya have seen their work result in a 6-fold increase in lion population.
  • 1,500 community members in Mozambique participated in Lion Fun Day, celebrating wildlife and conservation.
  • 12 lions have been GPS collared in Mozambique, tracking their movement patterns to inform protection plans for the species.

Protecting Lions in the Wild - Our Conservation Partners


  • Pride Lion Conservation Alliance members have joined forces, working together as a united front to impact lion conservation on a meaningful scale.
  • PRIDE is protecting nearly 25% of Africa’s estimated remaining wild lions. Work over 85,700km² in 4 key lion range countries.
  • 450 local people employed through PRIDE across 4 lion range countries.

Donate to PRIDE and help save lions in the wild:


Five Pride Lion Conservation Alliance Members

  • 25 wildlife guardians trained
  • 55 children from 4 villages participated in 4-night long bush visits
  • 13 full secondary school scholarships supported

Donate to Niassa Carnivore Project:


  • 40-50 lions are being monitored. Individuals are identified using unique whisker spot patterns.
  • Ewaso Lion Project staff member Jeneria was chosen by the Houston Zoo Admissions team to receive the Wildlife Warrior Award.
  • 122 children attended Lion Kids Camp.
  • 5 students sponsored to attend secondary schools.

Donate to Ewaso Lion Project:


  • 650 people participated in tours into Ruaha National Park
  • 16 children funded through secondary school
  • 28 lion hunts were prevented/stopped
  • 9 Anatolian Shepherds were placed with farmers to help prevent lion attacks on livestock.

Donate to Ruaha Carnivore Project:


  • 37 lion hunts stopped
  • 189 bomas (livestock enclosures) reinforced to help keep out lions
  • Lions Guardians are able to predict a lion’s identity correctly approximately 90% of the time.
  • Increases the capacity of local partners to secure viable populations of lions and other large carnivores.
  • Works to develop wildlife compatible livelihoods.

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