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Returning Zoo Crew

Teens age 13-17 who have completed one summer of Zoo Crew have the opportunity to apply for a Returning Zoo Crew position, or a role in our new Teen Leadership Council. Your prior experience makes you eligible for a wider range of exciting opportunities to explore a variety of interests.

Returning Zoo Crew Options

Returning teens who are back for a second (or third or fourth!) Zoo Crew program have a wider range of exciting options available to them, including the chance to work in animal care as a Junior Zookeeper, educate guests as a Naturalist, or continue to work with our Camp Zoofari program as a Camp Mentor.

Summer Returning Zoo Crew

Year-Round Zoo Crew provides participants with a range of enjoyable and challenging work experiences. These posts typically occur on weekend or school holiday days, though participants must plan ahead to ensure their Zoo Crew commitments do not conflict with other extracurricular activities.

Year-Round Zoo Crew

This highly-motivated group of returning Zoo Crew members will lead and mentor their Zoo Crew peers. This is an opportunity for returning Zoo Crew to build leadership skills while providing insight into how we can improve the Zoo Crew program.

Teen Leadership Council