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Houston Toad

Historically, the Houston toad ranged across central and east Texas, but a drought and urban expansion in the 1960s saw the population decline. Today, there are only four small habitat areas left.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Bufo houstonensis


Bastrop and a few other Texas counties

Status in the Wild


Location in the Zoo

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Cool Animal Fact

The zoo maintains a 1,200 square foot Houston toad quarantine facility that serves as a location for the captive breeding and head starting of wild Houston toad egg strands for release into the wild. This facility is managed by two full-time Houston toad specialists who care for the toads and work closely with the program partners in the breed-and-release efforts.

How We Are Helping to Save Them

  • In 2019, 985,000 Houston toad eggs were released into the wild. This program is saving this rare Texas toad from extinction.
  • As of April 2018, a minimum of 13 wild egg strands were found in one pond alone.
  • For the first time in many years, large multi-male choruses have been heard within the Houston toads’ range.

How You Can Help

Take the family and visit Bastrop State park, the only remaining state-protected area where Houston toads can still be found! A portion of your entrance fees goes towards the park’s conservation efforts and habitat recovery.

Donate today and help Houston toads!

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Houston Toad vs. Gulf Coast Toad

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