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young Asian elephant with adult Asian elephant near water
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Asian Elephant

These majestic creatures are struggling to survive in the wild. The Houston Zoo partners with field conservation organizations to ensure elephants will exist for a long time to come.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Elephas maximus


Bangladesh; Bhutan; Cambodia; China; India; Indonesia; Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar; Nepal; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Viet Nam

Location in the Zoo

McNair Asian Elephant Habitat

Cool Animal Fact

There are two elephant species; Asian And African. Look at the ears and tusks to tell them apart: Asian elephants have smaller ears, and while African male and female elephants both have tusks, Asian female elephants do not.

How We Help Save Them

  • The Zoo provides equipment, training, salaries, and support for a Malaysian conservationist protecting elephants. Dr. Farina Othman is the Zoo’s Elephant Conservation Associate.
  • The Zoo provides support for wild elephants to be fitted with satellite collars. This allows the Malaysian elephant conservation team to follow wild elephants and find solutions to challenges they face to protect this species.
  • The Zoo provides support for Farina and the Malaysian elephant conservation team to collect Bornean elephant behavior observations to create plans to protect this species.

How You Can Help

Donate now to help save elephants in the wild.


Be a hero and visit the Houston Zoo! Your admission ticket and memberships are helping the Zoo plant trees to reforest habitat and help to protect elephants in Borneo.

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