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Save Wildlife

The Houston Zoo saves animals in the wild by partnering with like-minded programs and organizations. We recognize that protecting our natural world is a collective task and we look for every opportunity to strengthen our impact. We support long-term solutions that promote harmony between animals and people.

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Houston Zoo Teens Work to Save Snakes
July 16, 2021

Houston Zoo Teens Work to Save Snakes

On World Snake Day, the Houston Zoo is celebrating snakes of all kinds and working to dispel the myths of this feared reptile. All summer long, teens at the Houston Zoo are spearheading…

A few of our achievements in 2018

We released 899,700 Houston Toad eggs

into the wild in 2020. This program is saving this rare Texas toad from extinction.

male Attwater's prairie chicken sitting in grass in the wild

57 Attwater's Prairie Chickens

were released into the wild in 2020. The effort is saving this rare Texas bird from extinction.

52 Monarch Butterflies

received tracking tags to help protect their lengthy annual migration.

Provided Medical Care

for 50 stranded or injured wild sea turtles living on the Texas coast.

Take Action to Help Save Animals in the Wild

Every time you visit the Houston Zoo, a portion of your ticket proceeds go towards saving animals in the wild. Here are just a few more ways to take action and protect wildlife:

Six Ways You Can Take Action