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Adventure Programs

Teens will explore natural areas in Texas and participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking, camping, etc. They will also participate in conservation projects such as beach clean-ups and habitat restoration.

Open to all accepted Zoo Crew members throughout the year. Open to all teens, ages 13-17, in non-summer months (January-May, September-December). This includes teens not accepted into Zoo Crew program.

Spring 2024 Adventure Programs

High Island is an important stopping place for migratory birds. The Smith Oaks Sanctuary on High Island is a favored nesting spot for waterbirds. Every spring roseate spoonbills create a rookery, a large breeding colony, in the Smith Oaks Sanctuary. Birders come from all over to witness and photograph this incredible site.

We will meet at the Houston Zoo at Gate 8, which is approximately 200 yards to the left of the main entrance, at 8AM. We will drive the Zoo van to High Island and spend the day exploring, birding, and observing the nesting spoonbills. We will return to the Zoo by 5PM.

Please wear comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. Also bring a sack lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, hat, bug spray, and any other necessary supplies for a day outside.

Registration fee is $50 per teen.

Armand Bayou is a haven for many wetland species including alligators, egrets, roseate spoonbill, and even bald eagles. We will take a kayak trip through the bayou for a chance to hopefully see many of these species in their natural habitat. We will meet at the Houston Zoo at 7am and then drive to Bay Area Park where we will set off on our kayak adventure. After we explore the bayou, we will have lunch and then spend some time at Armand Bayou Nature Center exploring their trails.

We will meet at the Houston Zoo at Gate 8, which is approximately 200 yards to the left of the main entrance, at 7am. We will return to the Houston Zoo by 4pm. Transportation will be provided by the Houston Zoo.

Interested participants must be able to swim, however, we are not expecting to actually get in the water. Be sure to wear clothes and shoes that you are ok with getting wet as well as a hat and sunscreen. Be sure to bring a lunch and reusable water bottle.

Registration fee is $50 per teen.


Email us at or call us at 713-533-6567

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