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King Cobra

Though it is not a true cobra, the neck features a hood which can be widened when the snake feels threatened. When this snake is threatened, instead of hissing, the king cobra makes a distinctive growl which emanates from the throat. The growl deepens as the snake grows longer with age.

Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Ophiophagus hannah


India, China, Malayasia, Indonesia, Philippines

Location in the Zoo

Reptiles and Amphibians Building

Cool Animal Fact

The king cobra is the longest of all venomous snakes in the world; they frequently reach 13 feet long, and the world record is 18 feet!

How we Help Save Them

  • Provided 21 Indian villages with support for safe solutions to live around snakes.
  • 4 snake rescuers received professional training in snake handling, safe rescue and relocation.
  • 30 schools and 10 community centers were spoken to about human-snake conflict, snake ecology, conservation, prevention and first aid.

How You Can Help

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