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up-close shot of king cobra laying on rock on exhibit
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King Cobra

Though it is not a true cobra, the neck features a hood which can be widened when the snake feels threatened. When this snake is threatened, instead of hissing, the king cobra makes a distinctive growl which emanates from the throat. The growl deepens as the snake grows longer with age.

Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Ophiophagus hannah


India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

Location in the Zoo

Reptile and Amphibian House

Cool Animal Fact

The king cobra is the longest of all venomous snakes in the world; they frequently reach 13 feet long, and the world record is 18 feet!

How we Help Save Them

  • The Zoo provides support for our conservation partners at the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society to reach people in India with information on snakes through programming and local press campaigns.
  • The Zoo provides support for local forest department staff in India to participate in a training in snake identification, snakebite management, and rescue protocols to protect snakes like King Cobras and communities.
  • The Zoo provides support for supplies so that king cobras can be rescued from villages and relocated safely.

How You Can Help

Donate to help save King cobras in the wild.