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male gorilla walking on tree log
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Western Lowland Gorillas are native to central Africa, though our gorillas were all born and raised in other American zoos. Here in Houston, two troops call the zoo home. They have been specifically chosen to make the move to Houston as part of the Species Survival Plan.

Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Gorilla gorilla


Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon

Location in the Zoo

African Forest

Cool Animal Fact

Gorillas have unique noseprints and fingerprints. Scientists use noseprints to identify gorillas in the wild.

How We Help Save Them

  • The Houston Zoo’s annual cell phone recycling challenge recycled 1,544 devices, reducing the need to mine for materials in gorilla habitat.
  • We provide veterinary training, education, equipment and support for our wildlife veterinary partners at Gorilla Doctors in Africa.  In 2019, they performed 144 routine health checks on gorillas in the wild.  They complete 29 medical interventions on mountain gorillas in need, removing snares and/or providing medications to improve the health of wild gorillas.
  • We provide training and support for gorilla education programs in Africa.

How You Can Help

Donate now to help save gorillas in the wild.


Gorilla Habitat Cam

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Our Conservation Partners

How We Help Them

  • 76 Rwandan learned about their local wildlife and saw species like the golden monkey in its natural habitat for the first time
  • 219 Rwandan students participated in weekly programs that increased their understanding of mountain gorillas and how they can benefit the community
  • 200 sheep were donated to 200 schoolchildren from CHT classes, providing families with an alternative source of income and decreasing the need to harvest resources from Virunga National Park

How You Can Help

Recycle your old handheld electronic devices, such as cell phones, as these devices contain a material called tantalum that is mined in gorilla habitat.

Donate to help gorillas in the wild:

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How We Help Them

  • 227 routine health checks performed on gorillas in Virunga, Volcanoes, Mgahinga, Bwindi Impenetrable, and Kahuzi-Biega National Parks
  • Performed 20 interventions to remove snares and/or provide antibiotics to gorillas suffering from respiratory and other illnesses
  • Provided vet care to 4 mountain gorilla orphans in captivity in Rumangabo, DRC

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