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Member Exclusives

We’re always looking at additional ways to enhance your member experience so you can continue to enjoy exclusive benefits. Check out the updates below!

Membership Program Presented by PNC Bank

family inside of Savanna Aviary

Increased Member Reservations

We’re increasing member reservations between Monday-Thursday by more than 60%!

male jaguar Tesoro looking up towards the sky in habitat

Member Mornings presented by PNC Bank

For a limited time, enjoy additional members-only Zoo access! If you do not see an animal out on exhibit during Member Mornings, it is likely receiving a check up from its vet, getting extra needed time off exhibit, or participating in a training session with keepers. View dates below!

Curly the sloth hanging upside down in Natural Encounters

Member Express Entrance is Back

During your next Zoo visit, look for this express entrance and be ready to show your reservations so you can enjoy a speedy entry!

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