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News from the Houston Zoo keepers and staff about new animals, new construction and features as well as the many project we are working on to help save animals in the wild!


Looking for what’s new at the Houston Zoo? Check out our blog for current stories.

McNair Elephant Habitat Area

The McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is a fun, naturalistic place for the Zoo’s eight elephants to live and enjoy. Watch the elephants splash around in their enormous pools, or walk over and take a peek inside the barn for the female and young elephants, where you can get a close-up view during their daily baths.

Camp Zoofari

Camp Zoofari is an immersive experience for children ages 4-16. Campers explore the Houston Zoo, meet Zoo animals and make new friends while learning about animals and how to save them in the wild.

News Blog, Posted April 24, 2018
Principle Goes to the Zoo

A peek behind the scenes from the creative firm chosen to redefine the Houston Zoo’s new identity. Contributed by Principle As lifelong patrons and admirers of the Houston Zoo, our team at Principle…

News Blog, Posted March 28, 2017
Water: The Science Beneath the Surface

This post written by Mike Fannin, Manager, Life Support Systems Life Support Systems?! What the heck does that department do?  From filtration to chemistry, this blog series is a behind the scenes look into…

News Blog, Posted May 25, 2018
School Partner – Lyons Elementary

The Houston Zoo is creating the next generation of saving wildlife heroes.  One way we are achieving that goal is by forming lasting partnerships with school groups in and around the Houston area. …

News Blog, Posted May 9, 2016
High School Students Pledge to Save Wildlife

The students at Harmony Science Academy High School celebrated Earth Day in a big way this spring, and the Houston Zoo was proud to support their incredible efforts. French teacher and National Honor…

News Blog, Posted January 2, 2019
The Zoo Crew Experience

April 6, 2016, I received an email that would change the way I would spend my summers for the next three years. I had been accepted into the Zoo Crew program and the…

News Blog, Posted September 25, 2017
Pen Pals to Save Okapi: Camera Trap Conservation

Written by Mary Fields and M’monga Jean Paul In the last pen pals blog, Jean Paul told us why he thinks zoos are great for conservation. In this blog, we will be learning…

News Blog, Posted September 20, 2017
A Tiny Monkey with a Big Story

Written by Amy King On the morning of February 28, 2017, keepers found a baby Goeldi’s monkey clinging to the bottom of the enclosure where the Goeldi’s are housed at night. It felt…

News Blog, Posted April 18, 2017
Pen Pals to Save Okapis: Environmental Education

Written by Mary Fields In the last pen pals blog, Jean Paul told us about some of the conservation work that the Okapi Wildlife Reserve does. In this blog, we will hear about…

News Blog, Posted January 10, 2017
Here’s How Your Visit Helps Others

The Houston Zoo partners with organizations around the world to save wildlife. In Central Africa, we partner with three organizations (GRACE, Gorilla Doctors and Conservation Heritage-Turambe) who are all working to save gorillas in…

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