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Room Reservation Form BEC

Please fill out this form to request space in the Brown Education Center. If your request is needed in the next 24 hours, or if you need the BEC conference room directly, contact

Please note- from June 25th – August 30th, the BEC Hall will be used a temporary gift shop, Classroom C will be utilized as a temporary first aid room, Classroom A will be a temporary staff break room and Classroom B will the Ranger office. You will be able to reserve these spaces from September – December.

This form is managed by Kelly McCreery

Step 1: Consider Which Room(s) You Need

Classrooms A and B – In the back of the BEC, past the public restrooms. Each room can seat up to 35 people, and the wall opens between the two rooms to make a larger classroom to seat up to 70 people. There are 6 round tables and 30 chairs in each room to use during your event. Each room has a computer, built in screen and projector.

Auditorium – Seats up 290 individuals. The auditorium has a screen and a podium with a computer, lighting and sound controls. We recommend setting up a “run through” date a few days before your event to test equipment and presentations, and recommend contacting IT to help you with any technology issues that may come up.

BEC Hall – This is the large open space directly inside the BEC’s main entrance. This room can hold up to 300 people. Any chairs and tables that you need can be requested through the Special Events department. IT equipment can be requested and set up by contacting the IT department.

Conference Room – This room can seat up to 20 people and can arranged in a variety of styles to meet the needs of the user. There is a TV monitor that can connect to your lap top with a blue-tooth connection and a conference phone. Both are available upon request.

BEC C – This is a small, open room located to the left of the main doors of the BEC. While this space is not typically used for guests during events and programs, please reserve this space if you need to store items before, during or after your event.

Step 2: Look for Available Dates

Check the Brown Education Center Calendar on Outlook to see which days and times your room(s) are open:

  • In your Outlook, click the Calendar icon at lower left to open your calendar.
  • At the top of the calendar page, select the Add Calendar Icon, and choose Open Shared Calendar.
  • Search for Brown Education Center.
  • Check the checkbox next to the Brown Education Center calendar, and it will appear!

Helpful Files

BEC Room Reservation Form