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Daily Schedule

The Pantanal Aviary will be closed today.

Updated Thursday, February 2nd

Daily Schedule

  1. blue-throated macaw
    9:30 am @ South America's Pantanal

    Blue-Throated Macaws

    Join us at our blue-throated macaws habitat in South America's Pantanal to learn about these beautiful birds!

  2. 9:30 am @ McNair Asian Elephant Habitat

    Elephant Bath

    Join us at the elephant barn to see bath time with our herd!

  3. 10:00 am @ Texas Wetlands

    Alligators at Texas Wetlands

    Join us for our Keeper Talk at our alligator habitat to learn more about this animal in the Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands.

  4. up-close shot of masai giraffe
    10:30 am @ Giraffe Habitat

    Masai Giraffes

    Join our Meet the Keeper Talk at our giraffe habitat in the African Forest and learn more about the world's tallest land mammal.

  5. 11:30 am @ Carnivore Habitat Area


    Stop by the Lion exhibit to learn more about these amazing felines!

  6. 1:30 pm @ McNair Asian Elephant Habitat

    Meet the Keeper Talk at Elephants

    See the members of the Houston Zoo's herd up close as you hear from our dedicated team how they care for elephants here at the Zoo and what you can do to help save them in the wild.

  7. three meerkats standing with paws touching glass
    2:30 pm @ Carruth Natural Encounters


    Come join us outside the Natural Encounters building to learn more about these cute creatures!

  8. 3:00 pm @ Wortham World of Primates


    Learn about our Bornean orangutans, the great apes native to Asian islands. Hear about their amazing personalities and how you are helping us save them in the wild.