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Clouded Leopard

These beautiful animals are named for their spots, which resemble clouds. They have a very secretive nature and are rarely seen in the wild.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Neofelis nebulosa


Forests in Southeast Asia

Location in the Zoo

Near black bears

Cool Animal Fact

Clouded leopards are excellent tree climbers who can run headfirst down trees.

How We Help Save Them

The Houston Zoo partners with the Sabah Wildlife Department, Danau Girang Field Centre, and HUTAN. These organization work together to advance the understanding and conservation of these threatened carnivore species. The goal of this program is to determine the distribution and conservation status of these animals in the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Borneo, Southeast Asia.

  • Collared 1 clouded leopard, bringing the total number of clouded leopards collared in region to 5
  • Funding people in Borneo to monitor clouded leopard movement to inform protection plans
  • Replanted over 30,000 trees in Borneo for clouded leopards to thrive

How You Can Help

Donate to help save clouded leopards in the wild

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Happy New Year!

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New Pair of Clouded Leopards Born at the Zoo!

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November 13, 2019

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