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10/4: The Galápagos Islands exhibit will be closing early at 4:30pm for a private event.
black and gold howler monkey resting on branch
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Black-and-Gold Howler Monkey

Named for their vocalizations, howler monkeys are heard most often around sunrise. This “dawn chorus” sounds much more like a low roaring than howling, and it announces the howlers’ position as a means to avoiding conflict with other groups. Their call can be heard more than 3 miles away.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Alouatta caraya


Rainforests of South America, including eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina

Location in the Zoo

South America’s Pantanal


Only the adult males of this species are black; the females range from golden brown to olive brown, and infants are born blonde!

How We Help Save Them

  • We provide support and training for education campaigns that reduce hunting and trapping of wildlife like Howler monkeys in Colombia.
  • We provide support for planting trees for wildlife like Howler monkeys in Colombia.

Where to See Them Inside the Zoo

Walking under the “lodge” deck in South America’s Pantanal, the first animals guests will encounter are a family of howler monkeys that occasionally burst into a cacophony of the loud vocalizations, which give them their distinctive name. The dimorphic monkeys – males are black, females are brown – rarely come down from the trees they live in and use their strong prehensile tail as a fifth limb, allowing them greater versatility when climbing.

Howler Monkey Family Grows by One
December 16, 2020

Howler Monkey Family Grows by One

Happy Howlerween from our Howler Monkey Family
October 31, 2020

Happy Howlerween from our Howler Monkey Family

Swinging into Monkey Day
December 14, 2019

Swinging into Monkey Day