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Teen Programs

Cultivating the next generation of conservation heroes!

The Houston Zoo Teen Programs seek to inspire teens to problem solve ways to save animals in the wild and empower them to influence others to take action. By providing teens with opportunities to act, these programs will instill and foster a sense of care for the environment, which will inspire them to become lifelong advocates for all wildlife both locally and globally.

Teens will gain experience in hands-on conservation both on and off Zoo grounds. They will learn how to inspire others to take action to save wildlife by educating guests of the Zoo about our animals and our Take Action Initiatives. Teens will also have the opportunity to connect with the natural world through outdoor adventure and exploration.

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Program Outcomes

By participating in Houston Zoo Teen Programs, teens will:


Describe how their personal actions may positively or negatively affect wildlife.

Develop and apply effective skills to take action to reduce threats to wildlife.

Be confident to teach others about the natural world and motivate them to take action to reduce threats to wildlife.

Recognize the range of careers that support saving wildlife.

Apply critical thinking skills to understand issues threatening wildlife and generate potential solutions.

Develop teamwork and communication skills to work with others towards saving wildlife.


What teens are saying

“I walked away on my last day feeling confident for the first time in my life with the dream that I can actually make a difference in the world, one animal at a time.”

“Being in Zoo Crew Explores this summer has made me motivated to take what I learned and educate my community, family and school.”

What parents are saying

“My teen gained confidence and self-awareness through this program that he could not have gained elsewhere. He also increased his sense of responsibility to himself, animals/wildlife and as a mentor to younger kids.”

“My teen has wanted to be a zoologist since she was little. Seeing the ins and outs and daily tasks of this type of job has given wonderful perspective. It has also opened her eyes to other possible careers working with animals.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum hour requirements?
When will we find out if we’ve been accepted?
Do we need to submit letters of recommendation?
What kind of training will we receive?
I can't commit that much time, but I still want to be involved in the Houston Zoo. What other opportunities are there for me?
I will be turning 18 this summer, can I still participate?

Unable to attend our information sessions? Find all of the information that was presented here: Houston Zoo Teen Programs Information Session 2018

Questions? Email us at or call us at 713-533-6567