Tons of Love Coming This Summer

Hope the storks have been working out, because a 250-to-300-pound bundle of joy is headed for the Houston Zoo! Shanti is pregnant and after a two-year gestation, the 26-year-old Asian elephant will give birth this summer. Shanti is one of the Houston Zoo’s eight Asian elephants, and mother to youngest calf, Duncan (3) and Baylor […]

My Return to Yellowstone

Written by Sue Cruver, Wildlife Expeditions Participant In February of this year, I took my first journey into the wild with the Houston Zoo to Yellowstone National Park. It was an amazing, life-changing experience. Led by the outstanding expedition biologists from the Teton Science Schools (TSS), I found myself surrounded by breathtaking beauty and an […]

Houston Zoo Bird Staff Saving Wildlife Part III

Pardon Our Dust – More Room for Bears!

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