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Berani the male Malayan tiger in habitat
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Malayan Tiger

All six subspecies of tigers are critically endangered throughout their range of India to Siberia. These beautiful predators are the largest species of cat in the world, and they serve an important role in controlling populations of herbivores when they hunt.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Panthera tigris jacksoni


The Malayan subspecies of tiger is found in forests of Malaysia and southern Thailand.

Location in the Zoo

Near lions and black bears

Cool Animal Fact

Each tiger has its very own stripe pattern. Researchers who observe tigers can identify individuals by the unique stripes on their faces and bodies.

How We Help Them

  • 570 anti-poaching patrols for Malayan tigers were conducted, covering more than 15,000km, destroying 570 snares and 15 traps.
  • 120 locations were setup with camera traps to better protect Malayan tigers.