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blue-throated macaw
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Blue-Throated Macaw

This rare species was thought to have been lost from the wild until it was rediscovered in 1992. Surviving populations are extremely fragmented and vulnerable.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Ara glaucogularis


Northern and central South America

Location in the Zoo

South America’s Pantanal

Cool Animal Fact

In the wild, this species competes for nests with the more common blue and gold macaw.

How We Help Save Them

  • The Houston Zoo has successfully reproduced blue-throated macaws for many years. Our efforts have strengthened the population for possible reintroduction work in the future.

Where to See Them Inside the Zoo

As guests walk around the bend, they will be met with the bright and bold colors of two spectacular and rare South American birds: blue-throated macaws and blue-billed curassows. Blue-throated macaws have a bright yellow breast, blue wings and a distinctive blue collar. The Houston Zoo is one of a few zoos in the U.S. that breed these critically endangered birds, and we are working with our colleagues in South America to protect them in the wild.