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Black Bear

Although commonly known as the American black bear, these bears may be black, brown, or cinnamon in color, even with siblings in a single litter.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Ursus Americanus


A wide range, throughout Alaska, Canada, parts of the continental United States and Mexico.

Location in the Zoo

Carnivores exhibits

Cool Animal Fact

Bears in northern ranges hibernate in winter. In the south, bears may remain active or go through a winter dormancy period termed “carnivorean lethargy.”

How we Help Save Them

  • The Houston Zoo designed the Texas black bear reporting signs that are used all over the state.
  • Only recycled content toilet paper is used in Zoo restrooms.
  • Programs for the annual Feast with the Beasts are no longer printed, saving thousands of sheets of paper in one night.

How You Can Help

  • Bears need trees to live, so by using less paper or recycled-content paper products, fewer trees are cut down meaning you are contributing to saving black bears in the wild!
  • Consider going paperless for billing or even when purchasing tickets for your next visit to the Zoo.

Take Action and Help Bears

Helping Black Bears in the Wild Every Time You Wipe

Helping Black Bears in the Wild Every Time You Wipe

September 3, 2019

Wait? What? What does that have to do with bears? More than you would think. The average household uses 120 rolls of toilet paper each year. That’s 1 roll, every 3 days. That…