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Reflection Pool Gets a New Look

This is part one of a three-part series on the history and current updates of the Houston Zoo Reflection Pool.

If you’ve visited the Houston Zoo recently, you might have noticed the Reflection Pool was closed to the public. That’s because the Reflection Pool just underwent routine maintenance for cleaning and water quality control.

The first step in cleaning the pool is to remove all the fish and transport them to quarantine tanks located behind the Kipp Aquarium. Once aquarium staff have removed the fish, zoo maintenance staff completely drains the pool, clears all leaves and pressure washes the emptied pool. Leaves aren’t the only items found when cleaning out the pool – zoo staff collected toys, sunglasses, conservation bracelets, and more!

They then inspect the area for any repairs needed, remove all the sculptures currently in place and will prepare to install a newly-donated sculpture. After the sculpture is set in place, zoo horticulture staff will update plants along the pool, water will be poured back in, and the fish will return to their homes.

Ideally this routine maintenance takes place once every year, though if water chemistry and conditions are up to standards, the process takes place every other year.

Be sure to check back on more updates of the Reflection Pool construction. And don’t miss the unveiling of the newly-donated sculpture later this month!