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Green Mantella Froglets Are Baby New Year Times Eleven

Eleven green mantella froglets completed their transformation into frogs from tadpoles just after the new year at the Houston Zoo. These tiny frogs are smaller than a dice and gain their green moniker as they mature. Native to the island of Madagascar, guests to the Houston Zoo can spy these tiny endangered froglets in the Reptile and Amphibian House and are saving them in the wild through their visit.

The Houston Zoo has conservation leaders in Madagascar saving frogs through a Malagasy (native people of Madagascar) conservation organization in Madagascar called GERP. This group is comprised of many Malagasy researchers and conservationists that have grown up around the areas where they now work to protect the wildlife and habitat. Not only do they address threats to the animals, they have a clear understanding of the challenges their own local people face as well. In finding solutions that benefit the people and animals, they ensure long-term wildlife saving sustainability and success. The Houston Zoo supports young Malagasy women and men to have careers protecting nature, through GERP.