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Feast with the Beasts Guests Save Animals in the Wild!

With the first winter winds blowing into town, it’s time to say goodbye to yet another beautiful fall season here at the Houston Zoo. Fall is one of the best times to visit the Zoo, and not just because the gorgeous weather is perfect for animal viewing. For the past 13 years, the month of November has played host to one of our most popular 21+ events – Feast with the Beasts. This year, Feast with the Beasts Presented by Bank of America hosted 60 of Houston’s hottest restaurants along with a performance by the band Everclear on the H-E-B stage. Plenty of fun was had by all, and even better, thousands of Houstonians in attendance were helping to save animals in the wild all while chowing down on tasty treats!

At Feast with the Beasts Presented by Bank of America, the only thing better than the food itself was the containers it was being served out of. The Houston Zoo chose to use forks, spoons, plates and bowls that were all made from compostable materials. Compostable means that when these different products are disposed of, they will be able to break down into the earth and release valuable nutrients back into the soil. This healthy soil helps plants grow which in turn helps our wild animal friends. Items that couldn’t be composted, like napkins, were made of recycled materials! Some guests even took home souvenir t-shirts, which were made from plastic bottles and recycled fibers. Every one of these shirts keeps plastic out of our oceans, helping to protect sea turtles and many other marine species. Money raised at the event goes towards the care and feeding thousands of animals that call the Houston Zoo home and act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. These small things may not seem like a big deal, but together they can have a huge impact on protecting wild places around the globe and in our own backyards.

Couldn’t make the event this year? Don’t worry! There are tons of ways that you can help save wildlife each and every day. Next time you visit a restaurant featured at Feast with the Beasts, try bringing your own reusable container for any leftovers that you may want to take home with you. This will ensure that single-use Styrofoam containers do not end up in landfills or go into waterways where they pose a threat to Texas wildlife. Skipping the straw or switching to reusable bags and water bottles are other great wildlife-saving actions you can take!

Feast with the Beasts 2019 will take place on Friday, November 1st. Keep checking our website for more updates throughout the year.