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Baby Giant Anteater Rides Into Our Family

baby-anteater-0003-4501Riding atop mom, zoo guests may catch a glimpse of Rio, a two-week-old giant anteater pup, born on September 3 to parents Olive and Pablo.

Giant anteaters spend the first few weeks of life clinging to their mothers and will typically hitch a ride on mom’s back for almost 12 months.

Olive has been very attentive to Rio, carefully nursing and transporting the pup around their habitat. After allowing the pair plenty of time to bond, keepers and zoo veterinarians will determine if the baby is male or female.


Giant anteaters face threats resulting from habitat loss and agricultural expansion. Rio, Olive, and Pablo serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, helping zoo guests understand this unique species. The Houston Zoo is proud to support the Giant Armadillo Conservation Program, a group working to protect giant armadillos and anteaters in the wild.