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Explore the Wild! Nature Play Area

Ways to Explore

Little imaginations are encouraged to run wild, as sticks turn into wands, leaves become fairy wings, and sand is the main ingredient in the very best mud pie. Explore the Wild! is a nature play area designed to inspire children of all ages to use their imagination and discover the natural world around them.

In this play area, kids can:

Climb on a naturalistic rock wall
Build with loose tree branches
Create sculptures with sand
Dig in mud pits

The Houston Zoo is on a mission to connect communities with animals, inspiring action to save wildlife. We take nature play seriously, because playing in nature leads to protecting nature.

Helpful Hints for Parents

Children can interact with everything they see. They may get muddy, wet and sandy during their unstructured play experience.

Bring a towel and change of clothing for your kiddos for quick clean up. Public restrooms are located in Sarofim Court.

Each visit may be slightly different. The mud pit could become a pile of leaves, water may dry up or there might be more pinecones than you would see in a forest.

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