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The Seba’s short-tailed bats feed on dozens of types of fruits as well as pollen and insects they find in their native forests. Here at the Zoo, you might see them eating bananas or drinking a smoothie their keepers prepare for them!


Animal Facts - Seba’s Short-Tailed Bat

Scientific Name

Carollia perspicillata


Forests in Mexico, Central and South America

Location in the Zoo

McGovern Children’s Zoo

Cool Animal Fact

They eat fruit and insects, serving to keep insect populations down and serving as seed dispersers for native plants.

How We Help Save Them

We are working to protect Straw Colored Fruit Bats in Rwanda.

  • Tracking bat population numbers and their movements, which will help to provide a greater understanding of how bats come into contact with humans, and how frequently this occurs.
  • Travelling around Rwanda to 12 different locations to conduct monthly counts of straw-colored fruit bats.
  • Team members have also spent time collecting bat droppings from colonies of straw-colored fruit bats to gain a better understanding of the role bats play in keeping the forest healthy through seed dispersal.
  • 489 primary students participated in an RWCA workshop, spending time learning about the life, role, and importance of bats, and each class was given a copy of a “Bats of Rwanda” comic book.