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Camp Zoofari – Summer 2017 Sold Out

Summer Camp 2017

Important Camp Information: Camp Zoofari is rain or shine!  We have indoor and outdoor exhibits in the event of severe weather this summer.  We offer campers disposable rain ponchos.  You are welcome to pack a rain coat if concerned.

First Day Check-In: If you attended Camp Open House or an earlier week of camp, there is an express check in! We will guide you at the entrance to bypass the line picking up shirts.

If you did not attend an open house, you will need to pick up shirts.   This line could be long, depending on the number of people who did or did not attend open house in the week of camp you are attending.  Plan on check-in taking up to 30 minutes on the first morning.

If you child has an Epi-pen, please contact our office before the first day of camp.

Scroll down for all the details, or view our 2017 Camp Policies PDF:

Camp Zoofari Policies 2017

Are you jealous of all the fun kids get to have at camp? Well now it’s your turn to join in the fun! Whether you are dropping off your camper or looking for a new experience, Camp Zoofari for Adults is just for you!

Coming in September!  Registration for fall/winter 2017/2018 Camp Zoofari

We are already preparing for school break camps.  This year, we will be offering single-day camps for campers ages 4-14 during the holidays in November, December and January.  Single-day camps will be offered November 20, 21, 22 and 24. December 26, 27, 28 and 29.  And, January 2, 3, 4, 5 and 15.

Registration dates:

All membership levels registration is midnight, September 11, 2017

Registration opens to the public at midnight on September 18, 2017


Camp Registration

At this time, Camp Zoofari has sold out for the summer of 2017. Please check back this fall for our school break camps.

For up to date information regarding all of our educational programming, become a member and receive email updates with all the happenings at the Zoo!

Camp Prices and Times

Summer Camp is from May 30 – August 11, 2017
Full-day camps from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. for ages 4-16
Half Day options for campers ages 4-5

Half Day Camp (ages 4-5): $190
Full Day Camp (ages 4-9): $290 – $330
Full Day Camp (ages 10-16): $470

Camp pricing is per week. Topics marked below with an * are priced at $330 due to additional experiences offered. The first and sixth week of camp (5/30 & 7/5) have reduced prices due to the shorter camp weeks for the holidays.

Camps: Ages 4 – 5

Entire age group has sold out

*When I Grow Up – NEW*
Does your camper dream of being a zookeeper? A veterinarian? A police officer or firefighter? In When I Grow Up, campers will role play various positions are the Zoo, as well as dive into the world of animal babies and the creatures they grow into.
Animal Adventures – NEW
Run like a cheetah! Climb like an Ape! Leap like a frog! Animals around the globe behave in different ways. In Animal Adventures your “Wild Child” will unleash their inner beast as they explore their way around the Zoo.
Animals at Play
Before jungle gyms and monkey bars existed, nature was the ultimate playground. Animals still use the outdoors to romp and play. In the animal kingdom, playing is not just for fun, it is a learning tool. Join us as we get active and practice the skill of playing!
Master the Wild
It is a tough world out there, and animals resort to all sorts of tricks and tactics to survive. In Master the Wild, we delve into some of the more unique animals and their tools of the trade, meeting an array of fantastic creatures along the way.

Camps: Ages 6 – 7

Entire age group has sold out

*Creature Creations – NEW*
This summer, the Zoo will be home to a family of new animals… LEGO animals! Aside from exploring these life-sized replicas and comparing them to the real thing, campers will have the opportunity to build and create creatures of their very own!
The Zoo Around You – NEW
Everything is bigger in Texas! From the black bear in east Texas to the Harris’s hawk in the west, from the elusive ocelot to animals you can find in your own back yard, discover the animals that call this great state home! 
 Globetrotters – NEW
Travel with us around the globe as we encounter animals from every habitat. Along our journey, we will play games from around the world and track down the animals that call these far flung destinations home. No passports are required for this active adventure!
Animal Superheroes
Look, in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… superheroes and villains, as you have never seen them before! These characters have been “borrowing” traits and abilities from the animal kingdom for ages. Investigate which traits mirror their wild counterparts as you take steps to become a superhero to animals everywhere!

Camps: Ages 8 – 9

Entire age group has sold out

*A Zoo Created by You – NEW*
Have you ever visited the Zoo and thought, “It would be amazing if this exhibit had…?” Dive into the creative world of zoo design and learn the processes behind making a zoo a reality. Then, visit some lifelike LEGO animals before trying you hand at designing a LEGO zoo of your own!
*Wildlife Arts – NEW*
Explore the fine arts with the help of our Zoo animals! Spend your week singing with the birds, observing one of our amazing animal painters before starting your own masterpiece, writing and acting in your own animal inspired stage show, and more!
Zoo Careers – NEW
Who works at the zoo? Is it just zookeepers? Explore the various people and positions required to run a zoo and meet some of the faces around the world that the zoo works with to promote animal conservation in the wild. Zoo tours for this group will be front of scenes.
Wildlife Photography
Are you an amateur photographer or could your snap chats grace the cover of a famous wildlife magazine? From clicking to editing, we will cover it all. We will utilize various technologies all week to create a wild portfolio!

Camps: Ages 10 – 12

Entire age group has sold out. 

Wild Survival – NEW
Do you have what it takes to survive in the wild? Our animal counterparts can make it look easy. Join us as we delve into the realm of animal adaptations and pick up some wilderness survival skills along the way! This camp includes an overnight experience.
Zoo Careers
Who works at the zoo? Is it just zookeepers? Explore the various people and positions required to run a zoo and meet some of the faces around the world that the zoo works with to promote animal conservation in the wild. Zoo tours for this group will be both front of and behind the scenes.
Keeper Camp
Think you have what it takes to be a zookeeper? Each day, discover more about the challenges faced by our keeper staff and the rewards their work can offer. Go behind the scenes and get an up close look into the world of zoo keeping!

Camps: Ages 13 – 16 NEW

Entire age group has sold out

Zoo Careers – NEW
Want to work at the Zoo? Explore the various people and positions required to run a zoo and meet some of the faces around the world that the zoo works with to promote animal conservation in the wild. Hold mock interviews and get the inside scoop on what it takes to build a career with the Houston Zoo.
Keeper Connection – NEW
Zoo keepers have a unique connection to the animals they care for. Through this activity driven week, forge your own connections with our animal ambassadors as you explore what it takes to build a bond between a zoo keeper and our animals.


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