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Welcome Home, Chuck!

Houston Zoo Welcomes New Bull Elephant

The Houston Zoo’s Asian elephant herd has gained 9,500 lbs. as it welcomes its newest arrival, Chuck. Chuck was born July 15, 2008, at African Lion Safari in Ontario, Canada and most recently lived at the Denver Zoo. Chuck’s arrival to Bayou City comes at the recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Asian elephant Species Survival Plan® (SSP). After spending six years with Denver Zoo’s all-bachelor herd of Asian elephants, Chuck is ready for his next adventure where he will joining the Zoo’s multi-generational herd and will be living with Thailand (58), Tucker (19), and Nelson (4) and will also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the ladies next door in the cow yard.

Soon guests will be able to see Chuck exploring his new home in the Zoo’s McNair Asian Elephant habitat. Chuck comes with a big personality. He is known to be a social butterfly who really enjoys being around other elephants and occasionally gets the case of FOMO, when he thinks other elephants are leaving without him and begins to vocalize and kick his feet around. Chuck is high energy, very intelligent, and an affectionate elephant. The Houston Zoo’s animal care team is excited to help set up Chuck for success as they work to ensure the new pachyderm smoothly integrates with his new friends and surroundings.  

By visiting Chuck, guests are helping to save bull Asian elephants in the wild. A portion of each Zoo admission and membership goes to protecting an estimated 250 wild elephants in Asia. The Houston Zoo provides equipment, training and support for Malaysian elephant conservationists working to protect elephants in and around palm oil plantations. Palm oil is a common ingredient in everyday items like soap and snack foods, and it is grown in areas where elephants roam. The  Zoo also purchases trees for people in Borneo to replant in palm oil plantations to create forested paths for wildlife to use. By visiting and supporting Houston Zoo, guests are helping the Zoo replant more than 300,000 trees in Borneo to save Asian elephants in the wild.