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Thank you TXU Energy for keeping it cool this summer!

It was hot this summer but thanks to our sponsor TXU Energy we were able to Chill Out at the Houston Zoo.

Every day this summer was a chance to retreat from the heat into the Zoo’s 13 Chill Zones. Zoo-goers found respite at these locations throughout the Zoo.  From underwater fish adventures in the Kipp Aquarium to watching from the Arrival Building as gorillas explored their habitats, taking a break from the sun didn’t mean missing a moment with our animals. Guests who did want their time in the sun brought their swim gear and splashed into the Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park.

It was a hot one this summer, but our animals stayed nice and cool too! TXU Energy provided the animals with ice enrichment treats to help keep them cool all summer long. The meerkats met their match with a meerkat-sized snowman, and our cheetahs slowed down for an ice pop break. The elephants enjoyed daily baths, and the sea lions swam around their chilly pool as well.

Because of TXU Energy’s incredible support, the Houston Zoo stayed open late on Fridays AND Saturdays this summer, so guests could enjoy the animals and special activities in the cooler evening weather. Evening Chill featured activities, music, animals, and more – with different themes like special movie nights on a giant screen, where guests could relax and picnic with family and friends. TXU Energy helped make it snow for the kick-off weekend of Evening Chill, and we wrapped up the summer event with Zoo-themed trivia night. Whether enjoying snow, 80’s night, painting, or music from around the world, our Evening Chill guests stayed cool while being cool.

As we now enjoy the Houston fall, we look back at our amazing summer with gratitude to TXU Energy for helping us all Chill Out at the Houston Zoo.