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Member Appreciation Month Thank You

Members, we want to thank you for helping us celebrate our first-ever Member Appreciation Month! We received amazing memories from over 150+ members and cannot wait to continue sharing them. We hope you enjoyed the month-long celebration and look forward to seeing you again at the Zoo soon.

Good News! Member Reservations Are No Longer Required

Beginning tomorrow, September 1, members are no longer required to make a reservation to visit the Zoo. Upon arrival at the Zoo, you will enter through our Member Entrance where you can present your digital membership card.

We have the best members!

“We LOVE being Zoo members because it’s our happy place! A place we can have fun together as a family and learn and experience everything animals (which we all love!) we love the perks like Free Carousel rides and annual events like Zoo Boo, etc. It’s our favorite place to bring our cousins and friends!” – Jillian

“We love being a zoo member because of the memories it brings our family.” – Amanda

“I love the zoo because we can pick out our favorite animal in the herd. We love the giraffes most of all! One day Keshav will get the courage to feed them. Members for life!” – Khannan

“I believe the zoo is my kids’ favorite place to go, so it was just the best decision to become a member. It is always so fun to come back with my own kids to a place I used to go to as a kid myself. They know this place like the back of their hand and get excited every time something new comes up. (Especially if it’s a new animal friend) We can’t wait to see what the new Galapagos area will look like.” – Nury 

Member photos are from Jake W., Jillian W., Amanda S., Khannan A., and Nury S.