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It’s All Sun & Games at the Houston Zoo

Photo by Elephant Keeper Alicia.

Animals Cool Off During the Houston Heat

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Animals at the Houston Zoo are keeping cool during Houston’s latest heat wave. The Zoo’s dedicated animal care teams ensure all outdoor animals are getting the relief they need as the temperatures rise during the summer months. Keeping cool comes in various forms depending on the animal species. For example, sea lions, goats, and dingoes get buckets of ice and frozen treats. Other animals like the tortoises enjoy being sprinkled with cool water while the pygmy hippo, giant river otters, and Asian elephants take a dip in their refreshing pools.

Photo by Sea Lion Keeper Emily.

With animal well-being top of mind, keepers monitor the heat index throughout the day and give animals access to their air-conditioned bedrooms when it gets too hot outside. Most of the animal species at the Zoo are from warm weather regions and can withstand Houston’s hot temperatures. Between cool daily enrichments and access to their indoor bedrooms, keepers ensure animals always have a choice on how to keep cool.

By visiting the Zoo, guests can see the animals enjoy their icy treats and baths while helping to save their wild counterparts. A portion of every membership and admission ticket supports wildlife-saving efforts around the world.