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Giant Armadillo Wildlife Warrior at the Zoo

This blog was written by Gabriel Massocato, Houston Zoo Conservation Research Associate from our partner, the Giant Armadillo Project in Brazil. Gabriel is currently training at the Zoo as a part of his Wildlife Warrior Award. This is the first post in a series as Gabriel experiences the Houston Zoo. 

Gabriel meeting a three banded armadillo.

In the first week of getting to know the Houston Zoo I had the opportunity to meet all the different departments that are working together to show the public their species and mainly the field conservation programs that they are supporting in different parts of the world.

One great pride for me was to see all of the employees of the Houston Zoo getting to know my work with Giant Armadillos and Giant Anteaters, my daily work in the field in Brazil, and knowing that I am doing hard work for the conservation of the species in your Zoo.

One of the most important roles for field conservation projects is the support of the zoos, which help us in publicizing the field work and keep us connected with the people who visit the zoo. Each guest is invited to know the projects that the Houston Zoo supports. The support of the Zoo is fundamental for the conservation of species because at the Zoo guests have the opportunity to better know the role of the species and the environmental service that they provide in the ecosystem.

Gabriel spent time with the Houston Toad keepers.

Each department of the Zoo has dedicated a time to share their experiences of the day and the successes of the animals at the Zoo as well as the projects of rehabilitation and reintroduction, like the Houston Toad.

As a Wildlife Warrior, I am very proud to have this opportunity to get to know the conservation programs and environmental education that the Houston Zoo performs daily. You can be sure that I will share this knowledge with the people that I work with.
I am very happy to be part of this huge family of the Houston Zoo. Without the support of the Houston Zoo I will not be able to realize my dreams of working with the fascinating Giant Armadillo and Giant Anteater in the most important stronghold of biodiversity of South America, the Pantanal.

Meeting a Texan Giant Armadillo