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Domestic Dogs to Protect Painted Dogs

In a previous blog you met Enoch Zulu, a Wildlife Warrior from Painted Dog Conservation. As a part of his Wildlife Warrior award, he traveled to another conservation project to learn more about wildlife protection techniques. There, he was inspired by the use of domestic dogs assisting anti-poaching teams in finding snares and poachers.

Upon his return to Painted Dog Conservation, he set about to create a domestic dog anti-poaching program. Zulu is now managing a K9 unit to help his anti-poaching team be more effective in protecting wildlife. 2 anti-poaching team members recently trained with domestic dogs to be used in their new program. The Houston Zoo is supporting this new K9 unit by providing funding for their dog assistance facility.

Every time you visit the Houston Zoo, you are supporting Zulu and the Painted Dog Conservation project, as a portion of every ticket and membership goes to saving animals in the wild.