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Dandy the Elf Returns Home to the North Pole

 Dandy is the Houston Zoo’s elf off the shelf zoo keeper that visits after Thanksgiving and returns to her home in time for Christmas. She wanted to share a collection of her favorite moments of working at the Houston Zoo this holiday season.

Hello friends! I’m Dandy the Elf and I’ve traveled all the way from the North Pole to be a part of the Houston Zoo team. Every year I receive direct orders from Kris Kringle himself to fly down to Texas and care for Houston Zoo animals during the holiday season. I have to say this is my second time doing so and I love it! Unfortunately, my time at the Houston Zoo this holiday season is coming to an end. It’s all tiny hands on deck tonight and the big boss needs me back home at the North Pole. But, before I go I would like to share some magical moments I have had during my stay at the Houston Zoo.


Here are some of my favorite photos.


On the very first day I arrived at the Houston Zoo I was so excited to do one of my favorite parts of the job, which is hang with the animals! I sat with a baby African Pygmy Falcon outside of the Kipp Aquarium. The excitement was almost too much to contain.



Later, I was given more duties like feeding the giraffes on the giraffe feeding platform.
I think the some candy cane bits got into the pieces of lettuce I gave to my tall friends.


I felt so proud to be a part of the grand opening of TXU Energy Presents Zoo Lights!
The zoo transformed into a magical wonderland of twinkling stars and great music. I drank tons of hot cocoa that night.


Ahhhh. Some of the best parts about being in Texas is the weather. I’m from way up north where we do not get much sun. I appreciated this day by the Chilean flamingos.

Taking rides on the carousel before starting my day was a must.

Someone snapped me reflecting in the Natural Encounter’s Exhibit.
This journey with the Houston Zoo in 2016 has been one of my greatest experiences.


This is the last photo I want to leave everyone with! This year’s holiday season was magical. I enjoyed working next to all the zoo staff and caring for the animals. The Houston Zoo really cares about helping save wildlife and wild places. This experience was a breath of fresh air, and just what I needed.

Thank you Houston Zoo for inviting me back for another year.
I look forward to seeing everyone in 2017!

Candy canes & kisses,

Dandy the Elf