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Baby Copperheads Born at the Zoo

copperhead babiesThe Houston Zoo is proud to welcome five new additions to our reptile family! This summer one of our copperhead snakes gave birth to five babies weighing between 5.8g and 8.5g. Unlike many snakes, whose young hatch from eggs, copperhead snakes give birth to living juvenile snakes which are born with a yellow tip at the end of their tail, a characteristic also found in their close relative, the cottonmouth.

Copperheads are the most common venomous snake found locally in Houston and rely on their outstanding camouflage for both hunting prey and avoiding predators. Adult copperheads are identifiable by their copper (brownish-red) colored head and light brown body with dark hourglass shaped bands. They are expected to grow to a length of 2′-3′ and will eat small rodents and insects. They play a critical role in keeping the rodent population regulated. You can find them at the Houston Zoo in the Reptile and Amphibian building in a large exhibit with a canebrake rattlesnake and two Texas rat snakes.