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Ask us how we are saving wildlife!

On your next visit to the Zoo ask us how we are saving animals in the wild.  Our wildlife saving efforts are why we exist and we want to share and celebrate our collaborative efforts to protect animals in the wild with you.


If you were to ask us how we are saving animals in the wild, we might say that last year we made a decision to go plastic bag free in the Zoo’s gift shops and this action protected sea turtles in the wild. Success! Sea turtles can mistake plastic bags in the water for one of their favorite foods (jellyfish) and accidentally ingest it, causing them to get sick. Reducing plastic use is a simple action all of us can do to save wildlife.

Successes2015_ElephantOr, we might say that we provide salaries for local people in Madagascar to replant trees to save lemurs.  We could even answer the question by describing how we use rain barrels around the zoo to collect rainwater which is then used to clean our rhino barn and water our vegetable gardens. Reusing rainwater helps reduce the stress on the environment and wildlife! Or, we might say the we are providing salaries for local people in Borneo to put collars on Bornean elephants to discover more effective ways to protect them.

  1. The fact is we have so much to share, and we can’t wait for you hear about what animal saving work you are contributing to when you come to the Zoo! You may even see us wearing a new special shirt that reminds you to ask us how we are saving animals in the wild.  Every time you visit the Zoo you are helping save wildlife because a portion of your admission goes directly to our wildlife protection efforts around the world!