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We're right in the middle of National Zoo Keeper Week and that means we have more of our awesome keepers to brag about! Today's story comes from Jeff Bocek, a member of our herpetology team.
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7 hours ago

Cute lizard alert! Meet one of our newest additions - a baby Meller's chameleon, weighing in at just 2 grams!

This incredible animal is behind the scenes for now - but we thought you'd want to meet him!
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8 hours ago

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Bertiz MillanBecause of how awesome you guys are and how much I love animals I bought all zoo tycoons to have a zoo day when I can't make it out lol.3   ·  8 hours ago

Kristina OlmedoMichele Drain Davidek wantttt2   ·  3 hours ago

Letty BaskinMick it looks like Taco, and Maybe.2   ·  5 hours ago

Jessie WebbUber excited!2   ·  7 hours ago

Rayn TapiaKatherine McCarn Tapia1   ·  7 hours ago

Jessica NixonI can't wait till it gets cooler so we can spend our weekends at the zoo... This little guy is so cute!1   ·  7 hours ago

Lisa M. BonillaCynthia M. Velázquez, when you get back to Houston, let's go to the zoo!1   ·  7 hours ago

Emily SaragozaMadison Clark1   ·  8 hours ago

Becca WilkersonMeghan !1   ·  8 hours ago

Angela D'Agostino CunninghamSo cute!5 minutes ago

Ruth JohnstonHow cute17 minutes ago

Pam RamirezOh no scared of this 127 minutes ago

Donna JeanVery cool!1 hour ago

Isaiah MisterAtlantic MontgomeryEllessia Kinmon lOL1 hour ago

Jennifer Fetchko-slagleAwww1 hour ago

Barbara LacyCool2 hours ago

Wanda Lou BosworthHe's kinda cute in a ugly kinda way!1   ·  2 hours ago

Patricia FinkWeird looking little thing !3 hours ago

Machelle DeRonSoo cute!5 hours ago

Toni CooperCute is right!5 hours ago

Pamela CharlesBrii Nuh5 hours ago

Jessica JonesCute!!!5 hours ago

Shannon GrimmYay! My daughter is in love this it!!! Hope we get an update to know when we can come visit him at the zoo!!6 hours ago

Amy GarzaI LOOOVEEES HIM!!!6 hours ago

Stephanie GilmoreThat's different6 hours ago

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Only 155 shopping days left until Christmas! This Friday at Cool Nights, we're celebrating the holidays in July so you can enjoy the holiday cheer without all the holiday stress.

Decorate ornaments, pin the nose on Rudolph, do the penguin shuffle and much more at this special Cool Night Presented by TXU Energy.
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14 hours ago

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Maria SanchezNorma Elletson on friday christmas In july at the zoo :)6 hours ago

Jennifer Lynn DatrayBrian Kisiel Friday night?11 hours ago

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It's another fantastic day of National Zoo Keeper Week! Today, we have a special interview for you with Lucy Dee Sheppard, a member of our primate keeper team.
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1 day ago

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Sarah LynnGreat job, Lucy Dee Sheppard!1   ·  2 hours ago

Soraya HammacherWell now I got a reason to goto the Zoo my hanging peps1 day ago

Haley MarkwalterErika Escalon Maurice1 day ago

Doug AlfordAw its a together pic of Lane Alford and Hunter Alford1 day ago

Claudia ScottRoger Scott1   ·  1 day ago

Ana StraussTarah1   ·  1 day ago

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