Year of the Monkey: Golden Lion Tamarins

By Abby Varela Last month you were introduced to the golden-headed lion tamarins. Did you know there were three other kinds? There’s the black-faced lion tamarin which has a black head and an orange body, the black lion tamarin with all black fur except for an orange posterior, and the golden lion tamarin. True to […]

Zoo staff removing discarded fishing line and debris from the Surfside Jetty so it does not end up entangling/harming ocean animals.

Sea Lion Staff Make a Wild Impact

You may have heard the news of our adorable female sea lion pup that was recently born at the Houston Zoo. What you may not know is that in between caring for our sea lions, training them, conducting keeper chats, and engaging zoo guests, our sea lion staff is also working additional hours to create […]


Houston Zoo Chief Veterinarian Helps Restore Giant Tortoise Population in Galapagos

Yellowstone Family Adventure participants enjoying time in nature!

Yellowstone Family Adventure with the Houston Zoo

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