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What is Browse and Why Do Our Primates Like It?

What is browse? Is it looking at a magazine while you’re at the doctor’s office? Or trying to find something on the internet? Well, no, when we talk about browse in the zoo we’re talking about plants and vegetation.  The definition of browse at the zoo is: fresh plants that are given to an animal […]

Grizzly-Brown Bears

Boomer, Beloved Grizzly Bear, Passes Peacefully

Boomer, one of the Houston Zoo’s two elderly grizzly bears, was humanely euthanized today after a long life. The decision was made by the bear’s keepers and veterinary team after the nearly 40-year-old bear began to become uninterested in food, less active, and less responsive to his pain medications. After reviewing all options, our veterinary […]


Year of the Goat- Featuring Raisin Bran and Bailey


Penny the cat discovers Gorillas

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