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Behold - our very first Attwater's prairie chicken egg this season! This little egg represents the future of a critically endangered species, with less than 100 left in the wild. Read more about how we are working to bring them back: ... See MoreSee Less

9 hours ago

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Janiece AlgermissenPerhaps the most beautiful egg I've seen this Easter season!2   ·  8 hours ago

Liam NorrisWhat a wonderful Easter Egg2   ·  8 hours ago

Brandon SivekAwesome! Keep up the good fight! They need our help.1   ·  9 hours ago

Barbara BrandtBooming and beaming!2 hours ago

Vrgs CvgtnDoing a fertile birdie dance! Does a healthy birdie dance! Hatch baby birdies hatch!2 hours ago

KC LillyThe P108 denotes the location of the nest.5 hours ago

Karen Kimberly FosterAwesome7 hours ago

Trace SanchezAwesome8 hours ago

Juan SanchezSo it was laid at 1:08?9 hours ago

Paulette Tomlin ScottWoohoo!!!!5 hours ago

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You know you've found a good Easter egg when you can actually hide in it! ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

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Katie MerrickBobbie Alvarado1   ·  10 hours ago

Sara RodríguezSofia DeLuna1   ·  11 hours ago

Shirley Ahrenscool4 hours ago

Belinda JoAdorable5 hours ago

Jacob GarrettIs that a mirror cat?7 hours ago

Tracie Faver HuffmanIts simply a critter lol7 hours ago

Erica SerranoHahaha, this is awesome!7 hours ago

Mia PernecheleSo cute!7 hours ago

Blynncombest SmithSo cute!7 hours ago

Andrea Catalo OliverThat a racoon? Or mongoose lol oh maybe a meerkat idk if this is in the u.s8 hours ago

Jenny NeelyIs this a meerkat? Was pretty sure. I absolutely love watching meerkat manor.9 hours ago

Bobbie AlvaradoAYGOPKOFRCJB10 hours ago

Tri Sellittiadorable10 hours ago

Megan SoileauTroy Soileau10 hours ago

Sofia Elsa Rdz DeLunaJujuju <311 hours ago

Lori Bernier SmithPeak a boo11 hours ago

Lauren BezansonJordan McLean Henderson :)11 hours ago

Tiffany RichardAww too cute!11 hours ago

Michelle ArthebiseCUTE7 hours ago

Carla FerrovecchioOmg too cute!11 hours ago

Ami Lyn KurtzToo cute! :)11 hours ago

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Are you going to our Animal Egg Hunt today? We have activities for both kids AND animals - ours are getting their own special enrichment! More info: ... See MoreSee Less

14 hours ago

Selene Alvarez Bustamante, Darlene Kolb and 23 others like this

Diane OblemanSweet5 hours ago

Sharon WelchThe beautiful clouded Leopard. Our zoo has two of them!6 hours ago

Loran DavisSally Harrison13 hours ago

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Go on a scavenger hunt through the Zoo today for an animal egg hunt to find all these eggs and fun egg facts, scattered throughout the Zoo! Learn more: ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

Emily Michelle Medina, Lorraine Jordan Pedroza and 23 others like this

Catherine CraytonThat looks like fun.3 hours ago

Carol CuddElvis Davis1   ·  15 hours ago

Pam RamirezI wish I could12 hours ago

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