Tapir Conservation Partner in Brazil

As the world celebrated the closing ceremonies at the Rio Olympics on Sunday, we wanted to celebrate an amazing species that calls South America home – the tapir. Just as the USA’s medal count kept going up, so does the number of tapirs that have received a tracking collar for research with the Houston Zoo’s […]

copperhead babies

Baby Copperheads Born at the Zoo

The Houston Zoo is proud to welcome five new additions to our reptile family! This summer one of our copperhead snakes gave birth to five babies weighing between 5.8g and 8.5g. Unlike many snakes, whose young hatch from eggs, copperhead snakes give birth to living juvenile snakes which are born with a yellow tip at the […]


Houston Zoo Chief Veterinarian Helps Restore Giant Tortoise Population in Galapagos

The Exercise Yard

Penny checks out the building

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