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Bottle It Up! Bottled Water Facts & Figures

The past twenty years have seen a phenomenal boom in the use of bottled water. While many of us find the packaging convenient, what is the cost of that convenience to the environment? Did you know: Each bottle requires triple its own volume in water, just to be manufactured The fuel consumed annually in the […]

The little ones are headed back to school!

You Want Me to Do What?

Written by Tammy Buhrmester This is the time of year that many students are getting physical exams when going back to school, so here we will tell you about how the keepers do daily health checks and examinations on the primates in conjunction with our veterinary team. When you visit your doctor, they start with very […]


Year of the Goat- Featuring Raisin Bran and Bailey

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National Zoo Keeper Week – Tyler’s Story

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