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California sea lion at the Zoo
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Give the Gift of Grub!

During this season of giving, don’t forget your favorite animals at the Houston Zoo! Give the Gift of Grub to help provide for the care and feeding of our animal family.


Your gift helps Houston Zoo animals thrive

See how much food your gift could buy for our animals


African Lion

$500 could buy 230 pounds of meat

This big cat has a roaring appetite for meat. Give Hasani a mouthwatering meal this holiday season!


Pygmy Hippo

$250 could buy 27 bales of hay

Our animals go through heaps of hay. Silas does his part by eating nearly a ton and a half of hay every year!

Danh Tu and Athena

Asian Small-Clawed Otters

$100 could buy 200 clams and mussels

Athena arrived this summer to pair with male, Danh-Tu, and they are getting along swimmingly. For these otters, clams and mussels are perfect for enrichment!



$50 could buy six watermelons

Watermelon makes up part of Kelly’s daily diet of tasty mixed fruit and veggies. Across the Zoo, our animals eat about 450 watermelons annually!


Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

$25 could buy 50 pounds of carrots

Carrots are a popular item – in fact, our animals consume nearly 22,000 pounds of carrots each year. You could send crunchy carrots to Denver, one of our ambassador animal stars!


Green Anaconda

$10 could buy three frozen rats

Here’s an appetizing fact: our animals consume nearly 99,000 rodents each year. Help provide Florene with her weekly rat feeding!

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