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Give the Gift of Grub

This holiday season, Give the Gift of Grub to Houston Zoo animals! Your donation could provide for their care and feeding and support our wildlife-saving mission.


Feed Our Growing Family

At the Houston Zoo, our 6,000 animals eat tons of food annually. With the opening of the new Galápagos Islands exhibit, we now have even more mouths and beaks to feed with the arrival of four sea lions that joined our original group of five and 15 Humboldt penguins!

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See how much food your gift could buy for our animals

Shasta and Louie


$500 could buy 180 pounds of meat

Shasta and Louie were found by wildlife officials as orphaned cubs. They are now thriving at the Zoo and eating their share of the 27,000 pounds of meat our carnivores consume every year!

George and Indy

White Rhinos

$250 could buy 10 bales of hay

We buy 13,000 bales of hay annually for all sorts of animals, from capybaras to Asian elephants.
Send some hay for the holidays to our rockstar rhinos, George and Indy!

Humboldt Penguins

Welcome penguins to Houston!

$100 could buy 30 pounds of capelin fish

Since Galápagos Islands opened this past spring, the Houston Zoo is now home to a colony of 15 Humboldt penguins, which means more beaks to feed. In a single year, they will devour more than 3,000 pounds of fish!

Houston Toads

Help save a native Texan.

$50 could buy 5,000 crickets

Help us feed this critically endangered native Texas species so we can repopulate them in the wild. Our breeding colony gobbles up nearly 3 million crickets every year!

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