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Educator Day Resources

Thank you for attending Educator Day at the Houston Zoo! Below you will find the resources related to the activities you experienced in this program.

Actions for Apes

How can you save a species that lives on the other side of the globe? It fits in the palm of your hand! Join us to learn about gorillas and how cell phones can help preserve their habitat in Africa.

Actions for Apes (PDF)

Actions for Apes PowerPoint (PDF)

Below the Surface

There are over one million species of animals that live below the surface of our oceans. Not only can incredibly diverse animals be found in this habitat, but plastics are also a part of it as well. Explore marine animals, the impact plastics have on this environment and what you can do to help.

Below the Surface (PDF)

Below the Surface PowerPoint (PDF)

Connect the Dots

Ever wonder if your students are getting it? Join us as we explore diverse assessment strategies that help you connect the dots from your lessons to their understanding. From the youngest learners to experienced students, your classroom will benefit from these tactics and techniques.

Connect the Dots (PDF)

Connect the Dots PowerPoint (PDF)

Conservation Scientists

Want to turn your classroom scientists into Citizen Scientists? Join this session to learn more about the field of Citizen Science and activities that will help students gain a sense of community and place, apply the scientific method and develop critical thinking skills.

Conservation Scientists (PDF)

Conservation Scientists PowerPoint (PDF)

Deep in the Heart of Texas

What do Houston toads, Attwater’s prairie chickens, and black bears have in common? They are all part of our diverse Texas wildlife. Explore local wildlife, participate in hands-on activities and learn how you can help save these animals in the wild.

Deep in the Heart of Texas (PDF)

Deep in the Heart of Texas PowerPoint (PDF)

Explore the Wild

Get your wild side on! Come play with us as we discuss the importance of play and nature exploration. We’ll also discuss ways to institute some of these exploration strategies in your classroom.

Explore the Wild (PDF)

Navigating Nature in Your Classroom

Discover how to help your students fall in love with nature! Nature is important to children’s development in every major way – intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically. Learn new techniques to help create meaningful connections between your students and the natural world.

Navigating Nature in Your Classroom (PDF)

Navigating Nature in Your Classroom PowerPoint (PDF)

Pollinator Palooza

Want to learn more about birds and bees? Discover the importance of pollinators and activities and strategies to incorporate this topic into your classroom.

Pollinator Palooza (PDF)

Pollinator Palooza PowerPoint (PDF)

Science, Science Everywhere!

Having trouble finding the time to teach science along with all the other TEKS in your classroom? Join us to learn strategies for incorporating science and animals into all aspects of your day.

Science, Science Everywhere! (PDF)

Science, Science Everywhere PowerPoint (PDF)

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