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up-close shot of adult okapi looking down
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This rare animal is found only in the most remote rainforests of central Africa. They have stripes like a zebra but are much more closely related to giraffes. It is almost impossible to observe an okapi in the wild, so seeing these amazing animals at our Zoo is the best way to inspire care and raise support for their protection in Africa.


Animal Facts

Scientific Name

Okapia johnstoni


Isolated forest areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in particular the Ituri Forest

Location in the Zoo

Near bongo habitat

Cool Animal Fact

This animal has an incredibly long tongue – they can actually lick their own eyeballs!

How We Help Save Them

  • Rangers protecting okapi and their habitat collected 1,800 snares and covered 14,300 km during their patrols in 2019.
  • We provide support for 18,000 people reached with educational messaging about okapis through World Okapi Day.

How You Can Help

Be a hero; recycle you used cell phones-drop your old cell phone into the cell phone recycling box located by the main entrance.