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Family Opportunities

Are you ready to get outside and explore nature?  We will play, explore,
learn, and grow, both at the Zoo and at local natural spaces in Houston. We can’t wait to see you and your family at our next event!

Family Nature Club

Family Nature Club is an opportunity for families to get outside together and explore nature! Each program takes place at various parks and nature centers around Houston, and is a great chance to find a new hangout for your herd. Meet like minded families, and know that you’re providing your little ones meaningful opportunities for exploration and play.

Benefits of connecting your family to nature include:

  • Happier, more self-confident, and creative children
  • Stronger family ties
  • Increased sense of wonder and awe for nature close to home
  • Opportunity to follow children’s lead and let them direct the outing
October 19 - Buffalo Bayou
November 10 - Galveston Island State Park
December 15 - Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center

Each program is $10 per family; there is no price difference for Zoo Members and non-Members.  The maximum capacity is 25 individuals (adults & children). Please email with any questions.

For information on beneficial items to bring with you, check out the tab below!

What to bring for a hassle-free outing

Family Adventure Program

Looking for more ways to connect with your family and our native Houston environment?  Check out our Family Adventure Programs!  These activities take place all over Houston and the surrounding gulf coast area, and allow participants a truly immersive experience with nature.  They are a great opportunity for families to spend time outdoors on exciting new adventures.  We hope you’ll join us!

November 2 - Overnight Camping in Pearland
December 21 - Stargazing at Pundt Park

Take a moment and look up!  The night sky is full of wonders and we’ll have the chance to explore some of the cosmos with the Trails as Parks staff of Harris County Precinct 4.  Join us for a winter evening of hot chocolate and stars!!

PLEASE NOTE: This program will begin at 6:00pm and last until 8:00pm on December 21st at Pundt Park.  All ages are welcome, however please use best judgement when considering very young children.  A registration of $12 per person is required for all participants.   

Registration is required for all participants. Maximum capacity and applicable age limits vary with activity.  Please email with any questions.


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