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Camp Zoofari TV

We're bringing Camp Zoofari TV to you this summer. Tune in to My20-Houston on Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m. CST through the end of July! You'll get to explore the Zoo with Camp Supervisor Nick to learn all about our animals.

We’ve got baby fever! Ever wonder how baby animals are raised in their native habitat? Tune in to our latest Camp Zoofari TV episode to learn about our newest additions including Asian Elephant, anteater, and Schmidt’s red-tailed monkey.

Clouded leopards are perfect treetop acrobats and can make themselves invisible with their clouded spots by camouflaging in the treetops where they spend most of their time. Learn more about other animal superpowers and the heroes that draw inspiration from the animal kingdom

Vultures are a misunderstood species and their diet often rules them out as creepy. Learn why they’re beneficial to the environment and more about other animal myths in our latest episode.

Have you ever wondered how and why animals move the way that they do? We’re diving into the mechanics of animals in action in our latest episode of Camp Zoofari TV.

On Episode 1 of Camp Zoofari TV, learn all about how animals⁠—like chimpanzees, okapi, electric eels, and leafcutter ants⁠—survive in the wild. Along the way, you’ll get to test your knowledge and discover ways you can help save animals in the wild.