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You are Saving Baby Tapirs in the Wild

Baby Tapir in the Wild

The Houston Zoo supports researchers saving adult and baby tapirs in the wild. We provide funding and resources for Dr. Pati Medici to protect tapirs by following them with tracking devices. She uses the information she gets from following wild tapirs in Brazil to create protection plans for this important animal in the wild. Here is a message from Pati about Antonio’s birth:

Baby tapir, Antonio, at the Houston Zoo

“The birth of the Baird’s tapir baby at the Houston Zoo is fantastic news for the species conservation! The IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG) has recently prioritized efforts towards Baird’s Tapir conservation due to the fact that this species is quickly slipping into critical endangerment in Central America and requires urgent attention. In order to achieve the full conservation of the species we must include efforts both in the wild as well as in captivity. The birth of another individual in captivity adds to the captive population we can rely on for research and future integrated conservation programs. Zoos play a major role in tapir conservation worldwide and one of the most important stakeholders to promote and implement tapir conservation. It is important for the public to see a baby tapir at the Houston Zoo in order to get them to care more about and protect this amazing species.”

You can meet Dr. Pati Medici at the Saving Wildlife Expo on March 25, where she will be speaking more about tapir conservation. To learn more and to purchase tickets, visit the Saving Wildlife Expo webpage. By attending the Saving Wildlife Expo and by visiting the Houston Zoo, you are saving tapirs in the wild!