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Houston Zoo Welcomes New Arrival

Baby Masai Giraffe Born to Mom Kamili

Saturday morning, Houston Zoo giraffe keepers arrived to find a baby giraffe! The baby boy was born early morning to mom Kamili and is thriving under her care. While zookeepers knew that the nine-year-old Kamili was pregnant, the exact delivery date for her approximately 14-month gestation remained a mystery. The male Masai giraffe currently weighs 160 pounds and stands at an impressive six feet tall. He has been named Tino by the Gordy Family who are longtime supporters of the Zoo. As he matures, Tino could reach a height nearly matching or surpassing his 16-foot-tall father, six-year-old Zawadi.

Tino will spend mornings with the herd in the McGovern Giraffe Habitat, and afternoons continuing to bond with mom behind the scenes.

The Houston Zoo provides funds for local people in Africa to protect giraffes in the wild. These funds provide salaries to those arresting illegal hunters, providing medical support, and watching over wild giraffes in Africa. Simply by visiting the Houston Zoo, guests help save Masai giraffes in the wild as a portion of every admission ticket is donated to conservation efforts protecting species, like giraffes, in their natural habitats.