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 Give a Gift Supporting More Than 6,000 Animal Ambassadors

Every Houston Zoo animal counts on Zookeepers and veterinarians for excellent care. But they also count on donors like you. With a growing animal family, this is especially true when it comes to satisfying their voracious appetites! Give the Gift of Grub this holiday season to help deliver nourishing meals and tasty treats to the animals you cherish.

Act Now to Double Your Impact, Thanks to TXU Energy

Our partner, TXU Energy, is generously matching every contribution, up to $50,000, until December 31. That means a tax-deductible gift of $50 is worth $100. Double the grub goodness you could provide our animals by taking advantage of this generous matching gift challenge!

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Our Growing Grocery List

Did you know the Zoo’s giraffes alone eat 32,000 heads of lettuce every year? As our animal family grows, so does our grocery list!

Every Year, Our Animals Consume…

14,276 bales of hay

36,000 pounds of meat

8,000 bones

41,000 pounds of fish

20,800 pounds of carrots

450 watermelons

98,750 rodents

210,000 pounds of grains

23,000 pounds of grapes

25,650 pounds of apples

12,000,000 crickets


How You Can Help

Learn about just some of the animals your gift could support. More than 800 species at the Houston Zoo benefit from your generosity.

Adiri the Crocodile Monitor

With sharp teeth, powerful claws, and an appetite for rodents, crocodile monitors like Adiri are pest control pros!

$50 could buy 20 frozen rats for Adiri and our other reptile residents.


Koshi the Clouded Leopard

We use mealtime to reinforce natural feeding behaviors, so Koshi tries to “roar” with his mouth full to let you know that he’s a ferocious hunter!

$100 could buy 50 pounds of meat specially-prepared for our carnivores like Koshi.


Binti the Western Lowland Gorilla

One of Binti’s favorite enrichment treats are ice pops. She loves finding and eating them in her habitat’s play pool, especially on hot days!

$250 could buy five dozen ice pops packed with nutritious produce.


Tulia the Okapi

Tulia, our first okapi mom, has a tongue long enough to lick her own eyeballs! It’s also perfectly suited to strip branches of leaves and grab mouthfuls of hay.

$500 could buy 26 hay bales for Tulia and our other hoofed animals.



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Questions about Gift of Grub? Call 713-533-6705 or e-mail