Little Love Born Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Houston Zoo Welcomes Baby Baird’s Tapir
On Saturday, Feb. 5, the Houston Zoo welcomed the birth of a male Baird’s tapir. This is the first Baird’s tapir born at the Houston Zoo, and first baby for mother Moli and father Noah.

Baird’s tapirs are born with a colorful pattern of stripes and spots that will disappear as they grow older. The newborn tips the scales at 24.5 pounds, and when he’s full-grown zoo experts anticipate this bouncing baby boy could weigh more than 550 pounds! While he doesn’t have a name yet, the keepers who care for the tapir family will have the honor of naming the tiny tapir.

There are four species of tapir, three in South America and one in Malaysia. In South America where Baird’s tapirs are found, tapirs are the largest land mammal and live throughout the marsh and swamps from Mexico to Western Brazil and Ecuador.



1 of the 9 tapir babies being tracked in Brazil. He only has spots left on his feet.

The Baird’s tapirs at the Houston Zoo are ambassadors for their wild counterparts in South America. The Houston Zoo supports the protection of this endangered species in Central America as well as the Lowland tapir in Brazil through a partnership with the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group to support field research in Brazil’s Pantanal region.

Since the inception of this partnership, 57 tapirs have received tracking collars to help the group understand this elusive animals’ range. The tracking collars provide the best protection for adult and baby tapirs in the wild, including the 9 mothers and babies currently being tracked. Some of these babies that are being protected through the partnership in Brazil have already started losing their spots!

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Hola! This is our first Facebook live in Spanish!

Ok. I don't understand a lot of Spanish either but I like to watch. You can leave if you don't want to be here. You're not hurting anyone if you leave

I think it's great they're doing a Spanish live feed. If y'all don't appreciate it simply don't watch it 😊

Keep it up Houston Zoo!! Love seeing these guys in any language :) people who are complaining are greedy - we get plenty of their presentations in English - we should branch out and learn more.

i think this is awesome!!!! i really only speak english and some broken spanish. i hope more languages get done like this!!!!

Señoritas no hagan caso de los comentarios negativos ustedes lo están haciendo muy bien again gracias

If they did this In another language I would still watch it. Im glad they're doing this so everyone can enjoy

I don't speak Spanish, but this is awesome. Thanks for doing this. Also for letting me watch the meerkats while stuck in the office!

Que bueno! Me parece excelente!!! diversity. The more languages ​​we talk, the more our understanding of other cultures...

Esperamos verlas pronto otravez! BIG THANKS HOUSTON ZOO! YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!

Keep it up, Houston Zoo! Spanish broadcasts are awesome. I'm learning to speak, but understand a lot. We are so diverse here in Texas, and why not educate different language speaking families?! Thank you for all you do! -Zoo Member

Que Es la differencia de ESo animales y de Los house gerbil as pets

When will this air in English. I pay allot if $ for a member for a famiky of 10

Cute that sounds great hora Los Niños perden el eapanol por ESo mi hijo estudia espanol

Thank you guys for being so inclusive <3 I personally don't know Spanish or need a translation but there are a lot of families who do or who would at least feel more comfortable knowing that there are options out there or understand better in their first language. Educate everyone in every language of the importance of zoos, I say <3

Who is 😡about this??? It's awesome for Spanish speakers and affects those who don't speak it in no way, shape, or form.

Meerkats = Suricatas

Wow very interesting!! Thank you for doing this in Spanish. I can't wait to go to the zoo. . I've never been there.

Solia visitar el zoo antes de mudarme a Chicago, extraño Houston y su Linda Gente, espero verles pronto.

Gracias por transmitir en vivo en Español!!!

If you live in Texas Esp is a native lang.. I cant speak but I understand it.. THIS IS GREAT...

I speak English

me encanta el zoológico de houston. Saludos desde Colombia

Why not German, Russian, Urdu, Czech, Romanian, Swedish? Houston has a lot of languages

Houston Zoo critters are wonderful in any language! Love you guys.

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This morning, we're going live in Spanish! Tune in here at 9:30 a.m. and bring your preguntas! ... See MoreSee Less


This morning, were going live in Spanish! Tune in here at 9:30 a.m. and bring your preguntas!

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i can't wait to hear it in mandrin, vietnamese, and korean!

It would probably attract more viewers if you wrote more than the last word in the language you're going live in.


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