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Zoo Friends of Houston

Zoo Friends of Houston, Inc. is a special group of exceptional people committed to raising funds to support the Houston Zoo. Operating with no paid staff, our fundraising success depends entirely on our members’ diligence and dedication. Zoo friends has raised over $25 million for the creation of specific projects and buildings, the acquisition of Zoo animals, support of the veterinary hospital, habitat renovations, conservation and education programs, and the establishment of endowment funds.

History of Zoo Friends


Bu, a beloved Houston Zoo rhino, arrived in 1971 with the help of Zoo Friends.

In 1969, several civically-minded women in Houston recognized a critical need to raise private funds to help support a period of new construction and expansion at the Houston Zoo. In response, these dedicated women founded Zoo Friends of Houston, Inc., a group of Active, Associate, and Contributing members committed to providing broad support for the Zoo. With around 40 members, incoming Prospective members make a three-year commitment to work throughout the year to support the annual Zoo Ball fundraising event.

When the Zoo was privatized by the City of Houston in 2002, Zoo Friends recognized that the Zoo faced new challenges and that fundraising efforts would remain vital to its success. From 2002-2013, Zoo Friends has coordinated seven Zoo Balls and five Zoo Friends Family Parties to further that effort. The Zoo Ball is a fun-filled affair that is among the top fundraising events for the Houston Zoo. Corporations, foundations, and individual donors join Houston’s finest to put on a uniquely-themed gala with quality entertainment, cuisine, and animal encounters.

A Very Special Thank You to Zoo Ball 2014 Underwriters 



Tess and Tucker, two elephants who benefit from the generous support of Zoo Friends.

Highlights of Zoo Friends Contributions

The projects and activities supported by Zoo Friends’ contributions over the years are too numerous to list in their entirety! Here are just a few highlights:

  • Zoo Friends has been an instrumental part in the transformation of the Zoo for nearly half of the Zoo’s history and remains its single largest private donor.
  • Over the years, Zoo Friends fundraising has brought many animals to the Zoo family for the enjoyment and education of all Houstonians, including white rhinoceros, gorilla, Siberian tigers, cheetahs, and countless exotic birds and fish.
  • The Zoo Ball and Family Party events helped to provide the support for the original modernized animal exhibits, converting them into more naturalistic habitats for improved animal care.
  • Zoo Friends support also helps Zoo staff to participate in critical conservation projects across the region and around the world. Zoo Friends donations are helping the Zoo realize conservation results for Houston toads and Attwater’s prairie chickens in Texas as well as amphibians in Central American, apes in Africa, and carnivores in Asia.
  • Zoo Friends of Houston has been a partner in ensuring superior care for our animal ambassadors through fundraising for the Denton Cooley Animal Hospital as well as environmentally-appropriate habitat upgrades.
  • Zoo Friends has supported the continual beautification of the Houston Zoo through many horticultural enhancements and several significant sculptures, including the enormous elephant which welcomes guests as the Zoo’s Medical Center entrance.
  • Zoo Friends gifts have underwritten the Zoo’s educational efforts for generations – from Zoo Mobile to materials and supplies to Zoo Guide books for guests.

For more information about Zoo Friends, please contact:
Zoo Friends of Houston, Inc.
1513 Cambridge Houston, TX 77030
(713) 533-6584