Ruaha Carnivore Project

2015 Successes:

  • 650 people participated in tours into Ruaha National Park
  • 20,000 people attended Wildlife DVD Nights
  • 16 children funded through secondary school
  • 28 lion hunts were prevented/stopped
  • 9 Anatolian Shepherds were placed with farmers to help prevent lion attacks on livestock.

Tanzania’s Ruaha landscape is one of the most important places left in the world for lions and other large carnivores. This vast wilderness covers over 50,000km2, centered around the Ruaha National Park, which at over 20,000km2 is the largest Park in Tanzania and the second largest in the whole of Africa. This beautiful, rugged landscape supports amazing wildlife populations, including the world’s second largest population of lions – estimated at over 3000 individuals; this represents around 10% of all lions left in the world. It also supports around 500 adult wild dogs and 200 adult cheetahs, making it extremely important for a range of threatened carnivores.

RCP works in close partnership with local villagers to develop effective conservation strategies for large carnivores in this vital area, and to collect ecological data for future carnivore action plans. The project focuses upon reducing attacks (for instance by predator-proofing livestock enclosures), providing direct local benefits from carnivore presence (e.g. healthcare clinics, secondary school scholarships and access to veterinary medicines) and improving local knowledge about carnivore conservation.

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