Lion Landscapes

Lion Landscapes is an independent lion conservation organization, operating in Zambia, which increases the capacity of local partners to secure viable populations of lions and other large carnivores. Lion Landscapes focuses on lion research, capacity building and innovation. Our approach is collaborative and adaptive so we can strengthen current conservation efforts to secure important landscapes for viable populations of large carnivores.
By building partnerships with other stakeholders in important Lion landscapes, we increase our impact in the areas we work, and the capacity of existing stakeholders to conserve large carnivores. We work by identifying areas where our specific skill sets and carnivore conservation solutions can add most value, and designing tailor made programs to best compliment current conservation and management efforts.

Creating a Lion Landscape requires innovative thinking, and know how from other disciplines can help. New land and wildlife management solutions are needed to engage governments and local communities in wildlife conservation, and develop wildlife compatible livelihoods. New technologies can revolutionize traditional practices to better protect local livelihoods, and provide new streams of data for research and conservation management. New approaches to communication are needed to ensure that conservation decisions at all levels are data driven. With our partners, we help find innovative solutions to the problems facing large carnivores today.

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