Ewaso Lion Project

2015 Successes:

  • 40-50 lions are being monitored. Individuals are identified using unique whisker spot patterns.
  • 10 women participated in conservation training and reported lion sightings and conflict issues.
  • 3 warriors trained for the Warrior Watch program.
  • Ewaso Lion Project staff member Jeneria was chosen by the Houston Zoo Admissions team to receive the Wildlife Warrior Award.
  • 122 children attended Lion Kids Camp.
  • 5 students sponsored to attend secondary schools.

The Ewaso Lions Project is a grassroots project whose mission is to promote the conservation of lions by integrating scientific research with community-based conservation programs. Founded in 2007 by Shivani Bhalla, Ewaso Lions uses extensive local expertise to work towards maintaining functional connectivity for lions on a landscape level and encouraging coexistence between carnivores and people.
Ewaso Lions raises awareness of ecological problems and solutions, offers strategies for reducing conflict with carnivores (particularly pertaining to livestock predation), and uses educational initiatives to illustrate the benefit of wildlife for local livelihoods. We work with multiple demographics within communities, including warriors, elders, women, livestock owners, and children.

Our work builds local capacity by providing training to both pastoralist people and other conservation workers (e.g. training members of collaborating organizations in carnivore conservation, conflict mitigation, and scientific data collection). Increasing capacity of community members and conservation workers not only garners their support, but also helps them to develop skills that positively impact future conservation programs regardless of the species that is targeted. To this end, the local people engaged in our programs learn about ecology, human impacts on the ecosystem, benefits of wildlife and habitat, and ways to encourage a harmonious co-existence between wildlife and people, as well as specific research skills.

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